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Address:No.972, Jiangping Road, Zhangqiao Town, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province

Company profile

       Jiangsu Liying Stage Technology Co., LTD. (Taixing Innovation Stage Machinery Equipment Factory) is mainly engaged in the production of stage machinery and stage curtains. Stage machinery includes: Platform machinery (stage boom lift, electric boom, light boom, scenery boom, movable false stage mouth, light lifting cage, light lifting film, split system, movie screen stand, double shaft electric boom machine, single shaft electric boom machine, one row of rope drum electric boom machine, flashlight dual purpose stepless speed regulating curtain machine, variable frequency speed regulating curtain machine, electric split curtain machine, trapeze, single Point crane, etc.); Understage machinery (lifting pit, lifting railing, mobile platform, mobile repair platform, lifting stage, lifting chorus platform, lifting meeting platform, telescopic leveling stage, rotating stage, etc.); Flame-retardant stage screens include: big screen, second screen, meeting screen, gauze screen, sky screen, horizontal side screen, etc.; Stage machinery automatic control system (computer digital console, fixed-point positioning analog console, integrated console, split console, etc.).
       The company always takes science and technology as productivity, and constantly introduces domestic and foreign processes, strengthens testing methods, and develops new products. The company has strong technical force, scientific management structure, with a good quality assurance system, after-sales service system and good operation and development system.
       The company to: integrity, harmony, dedication, beyond the spirit of the company, adhere to the quality of survival, credibility and development, to customers as God's corporate purpose. The company with the characteristic style, reasonable configuration, for the theater theater, multi-function hall, gymnasium, studio, conference center, lecture hall, disco hall, auditorium free design program. We strictly abide by our commitments, earnestly fulfill the contract, strictly control the quality, and deliver a satisfactory work for each customer.
       Innovative works, innovative spirit, innovation is the driving force of the company, let us work together to create the future!