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Why is the wear and tear of stage mechanical gears more severe

Stage mechanical gears, as an important part of the entire stage operation, play an important role in the performance process. During maintenance, customers may also find that there is a lot of maintenance work required for gears, and the operation is also quite cumbersome.

The movement frequency of the curtain is considered to be relatively high in stage equipment, and every time the curtain is turned on or off, the gears in the slide need to be used to drive it. Whether the meshing between gears is tight and whether the chain is firmly fixed can affect the movement speed of the curtain.

Therefore, in daily use, it is necessary to continuously lubricate the gears to avoid the movement of the curtain from getting stuck and accumulating. When lifting the stage, it is also necessary to use stage mechanical gears. By using the operation of longitudinal gears, the stage top can be raised, which can also play a certain supporting role after stopping the lifting.

If there is a fracture on the surface of the gear, it should be repaired and replaced in a timely manner to avoid insufficient support and collapse. The swing of lighting fixtures cannot be separated from the operation of stage mechanical gears. If it is a stage play with a relatively compact plot, the lighting fixtures need to be frequently swung to ensure that they can track the designated actors. If you want to increase the light tracking speed, you can replace it with a small gear, which will run faster and have better light tracking effect.