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Design of Elevating Stage

The lifting stage needs to be designed according to the form of the stage. As the equipment is designed to display better results in conjunction with the entire stage, the designer needs to integrate its form with the stage performance. The specific design requirements are as follows:

For box shaped mirror frame stage, the layout of the main stage lifting platform often coincides with the stage performance area, and different types of plays require different sizes of performance areas. Usually, the main stage lifting platform needs to cover the performance area and distant area. According to the requirements of stage process layout, when there is a side stage and a side car platform is set, corresponding auxiliary lifting platforms and leveling lifting platforms are set at the corresponding positions. When there is a rear stage and a car mounted turntable is set, front and rear auxiliary lifting platforms and leveling lifting platforms are set at the corresponding positions as needed.

When it is necessary to store soft scenery or table blankets near the stage, a soft scenery library and a soft scenery library lifting platform should be set up at appropriate positions on the stage.

According to the stage craft layout, when a music pool is needed, a music pool lifting platform with an area suitable for the required number of bands should be installed. Elevating the stage.

The length of the lifting platform in the performance area is usually 1-2 meters larger than the width of the entrance, and its depth scale is generally set at around 3 meters, which matches the customary size of the scenic area.

The shape and size of the lifting platform for the band and choir in the concert hall should be determined based on the stage craftsmanship configuration, which is convenient for conducting and facilitating the configuration of the band branch.

A fully mechanized experimental theater, the shape and size of the lifting platform depend on the formation of various stage forms, which can result in more stage variations with fewer lifting platforms. At this point, a fixed stage size modulus will be formed and the stage size will be determined based on this modulus.

It can be seen that the layout and size design of the lifting stage are a very important part.