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Design of Mechanical Configuration for Lighting System Hanging

1) One benchmark: set on the inner side of the platform, used to display the conference slogan and highlight the conference theme (which can also avoid entering the audience's field of view from above the stage). 

2) Stage curtain 1: located behind the emblem, the form of the curtain includes uniform retractable, stepless speed adjustable split, uniform speed split, butterfly curtain, etc. We have chosen the uniform speed split curtain system for your party; The large screen is the portal of the stage and one of the main curtain facilities on the stage. It is mainly used for opening and closing performances at the beginning and end, and sometimes also used as a curtain.

3) Stage secondary screen 1: The main foundation is the same as the main screen, using an electric split type secondary screen system; As the main curtain of the stage, its function is mainly to serve as the background for solo performances, singing, solo performances, and to use its opening and closing to replace the scenery and props in various drama and opera segments.

4) Background Curtain (Sky Curtain) 1: Types include lifting boom type, string curtain type, fixed type, etc. A fixed background screen was selected, and the ceiling screen was used for the transmission of slide show scenery during the performance. In the performance, different sets or scenery can be changed according to the development of the plot, and under the transformation of the slides, the audience can feel an immersive feeling.

5) 5 stage lighting poles: The lighting poles of the stage machinery are used to install stage lighting fixtures, meeting the requirements for changing lighting fixtures during different performances, saving time, effort, and convenience. Above the stage, there are 2 overhead light poles, 2 backlight poles, and 1 background light pole.

6) Stage side lighting is very important in stage lighting, and its position is installed in the side lighting frame, set above the left and right side platforms of the stage.

7) Three side curtain rods and three side curtain rods: used for hanging the side curtain. The side curtain is the curtain on both sides of the stage, which serves to cover the audience's line of sight on both sides of the stage. It is designed to increase the audience's aesthetic perception of the stage and enhance the audience's three-dimensional sense of the stage. As the entrance of the upper edge of the stage, the screen blocks the audience's view of the sky above the stage, thus highlighting the beauty of the stage.

8) Scene pole 14: The scene pole is used to hang the scene curtain, and the stage machinery is the mechanical equipment for the stage performance. Reasonable use according to the specific situation will make the performance present a vivid effect.