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Issues to pay attention to during the process of building stage equipment

1. Special attention should be paid to whether the sound box has resonance: Generally, when the box is thin or the sound box with a plastic shell outputs high volume in the low frequency range below 200Hz, resonance phenomenon will occur. The occurrence of box resonance can seriously affect the sound quality of the output, so users should try to choose wooden shell speakers when selecting speakers. 

2. Pay attention to whether the chassis has anti magnetism: Due to the sensitivity of the monitor to the surrounding magnetic field, if the magnetic field of the audio box is too high, it can affect the image on the screen and even reduce the lifespan of the monitor. Therefore, special attention should be paid when selecting.

3. Pay attention to the airtightness of the speaker box: the better the airtightness of the speaker, the better the output sound quality. The airtightness inspection method is very simple. Users can place their hands outside the inverted hole of the speaker. If they feel obvious air rushing out or sucking in, it indicates that the speaker has good airtightness.

4. Pay attention to whether the sound output from the audio box is uniform: as the sound source of multimedia music is mainly games and general music, the proportion of high notes is relatively large, while the proportion of low notes is relatively small.

5. Pay attention to the positioning ability of the sound field: The quality of the speaker's positioning ability directly affects the on-site effect of users playing games and watching DVD movies.

6. Attention should be paid to the frequency domain dynamic amplification limit of the audio speaker: that is, when the user turns up the volume of the speaker and exceeds a certain limit, whether the speaker can still maintain a uniform and clear sound source signal amplification ability throughout the entire audio range.