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What are the main functions of the stage boom lift CNC system

Using imported PLC to control the free lifting of the boom; The control console adopts MODBUS bus to achieve high reliability communication; The upper and lower limit values can be set at any position on the route itinerary; A single free positioning value can be set at any position on the route itinerary; Control the uplink, downlink, positioning, and stopping of any line; Control the stop of the upper limit, lower limit, and positioning point of any line; It is possible to set up a route positioning design for any scene in a performance; Able to move 20 booms simultaneously in one scene; In each scene design, different positioning positions for each line can be set separately; Can modify the content of the already designed scene; In the performance, the line position can be controlled according to any scene sequence; During the operation of the line, it has automatic learning and correction functions for positioning errors, with positioning errors less than 1cm. 

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